Upcoming Events

Get in on the talk with some of the Virtual & F2F sessions we have to offer here.

Virtual Happy Hour – April 28, 2020

Some possible topics:

Discussion and tools to identify critical talent within a new acquisition

Adjusting to our new reality

Are deals closing?

What are you doing now?

Virtual Roundtable – May 5th & 6th, 2020

Rey will focus on the HR Strategy for these transactions providing:

  • Recommendations on project timing
  • The detail on each type of transaction and deliverables you will be expected to complete.
  • Examples of issues to be thinking about as you execute these transactions
  • Templates that can be used for Divestitures and Carveouts.

    Virtual Happy Hour – May 12, 2020

    We will be discussing the NY Times article “The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed.”:

    • What are the ethics of M&A?
    • What are the implications to mergers and acquisitions?
    • How did the rapid mergers and acquisitions impact the development and manufacture of the ventilators?
    • How can M&A practitioners be aware of the impacts like these in their mergers and acquisitions?

    Webinar – June 4, 2020

    ADP’s Dr. Susan Hanold, Vice President, Strategic Advisory Services; Chris Capko, Vice President, Global Private Equity and Amy Freshman, Senior Director, M&A will share ADP’s Viewpoint on:

    The M&A industry outlook
    How HR can work through M&A transactions and share lessons learned
    How ADP is structured as a core and extended M&A team to execute on transactions

    ADP’s focus on aligning the business goals and purpose of the transaction with the associate experience

    Dallas Roundtable – June 16, 2020

    The Dallas HR M&A Roundtable welcomes Monique Gibson, Director of HR for Reddy Ice where she will discuss HR’s role in preparing for Mergers & Acquisitions activities a discussion. The How, Why, When and What HR should be doing before your company signs on the dotted line.

    Virtual Roundtable – June 16, 2020

    We will discuss Digital Social Listening as Part of Culture Assessment

    Understanding the voice of the employee is critical to any M&A integration planning effort, but how do you truly articulate the employee perspective in early deal stages beyond leadership interviews and a few quantitative metrics? Employee sentiment analysis, powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, allows you to unlock new insights from employee reviews, focus group notes, and other large text-based data sets to identify cultural integration enablers and focus areas. These insights should inform your integration approach, allowing you to prioritize the critical topics as identified by employees to accelerate the culture integration without compromising employee experience 

    Virtual Happy Hour – June 23, 2020

    The topic will be Cultural Assessments. Brendan McElroy the HR M&A Roundtable Intern from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology will be discussing the following::

    • What is a cultural assessment?
    • Why did he choose this topic to focus on for the Chicago School project?
    • What research he used and why
    • When to use a cultural assessment?
    • Why would a cultural assessment be used?
    • How do you use a cultural assessment?
    • How he created the cultural assessment?