July 12, 2022 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Central

Unraveling the Mystery of M&A

Integration and Divestiture Success

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Senior Director Corporate Development


• The fundamentals of successful M&A integration and divestiture

• Why guiding principles matter and how to assemble them

• The integration and divestiture stages and associated steps and processes

• Acquisition models and how to map them to appropriate integration types

• Divestiture types and challenges

• Types of buyers and their economic benefits

• The myth of reverse integration

• M&A scenarios with proposed integration approaches

Surprised by all the moving parts of M&A integration or divestiture? From legal and finance, to human resources, IT, R&D, go-to-market, and everything in between, the processes required to successfully close the deal can be confusing and overwhelming.

integrating a company or offloading assets demands vision, planning, and commitment. Not only does such significant operational shift affect all groups, processes, and technologies within the buyer’s and the seller’s organizations, but it influences investor communities, current and future customers, and your competition. In Unraveling the Mystery of M&A Integration and Divestiture Success, Silicon Valley tech industry veteran and M&A and divestiture expert Al Ansari explains how to organize critical integration and divestiture activities for best outcomes.


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Al Ansari

Senior Director Corporate Development


Al Ansari has over 20 years of expertise in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, encompassing Deal sourcing and negotiation, due diligence and post close integration or divestiture activities. Al has extensive experience in executive management, strategic planning and partnership, and management consulting.

Al has successfully executed over 80 M&A/Divestiture and Integration deals for companies such as Cisco, Gilead Science, Rambus, Xilinx, eBay, VeriSign, SanDisk, AWT and more (a total of $25 billion with integration savings of $800 million). Al conducted multiple due diligence activities including TAM and GTM with seller brokers such as investment bankers, VCs, Private Equities and other sources, reviewed teaser executive summary, signed CA, delivered detailed memorandum and initial procedures letters and indications of interest received (LOI/SOI), set up the data room to review Legal, Financial, HR, and other documents. As Director of M&A Integration at VMware, he was involved with six divestitures, one joint venture, and eight M&A deals with US and international footprint, totaling $2.5 billion, as well as the establishment of an M&A Center of Excellence for VMWare.

Most recently, Al assisted Cisco with a review and establishment of their Divestiture methodology. - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy



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Our virtual global and in-person regional roundtable discussions offer you a unique opportunity for networking, learning, and sharing your knowledge and experiences with your peers. At each session you’ll:

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What is the HR M&A Roundtable?

The HR M&A Roundtable is a forum for Human Resources professionals and others managing the people, leadership, and culture issues in Mergers & Acquisitions. We offer roundtable sessions, training, tools, and an annual conference.

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Participation is limited to HR or Corporate Development professionals who are either in a role with M&A responsibilities or who anticipate managing a transaction in the next 12 months.

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We host global virtual roundtable sessions every month. These 60-minute sessions focus on a particular topic of interest to practitioners. Discussions are led by a seasoned HR M&A practitioner who will help ensure what you share can be applied to your deal work. Past topics have included leadership retention, culture assessment, global deals, and total rewards alignment.

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