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The HR M&M Roundtable is a peer-learning forum for M&A professionals with experience managing people, culture, and leadership issues in Mergers & Acquisitions.  Founded in 2017, we provide a solicitation-free environment where members share their own experience, including lessons learned and best practices. 

HR M&A Roundtables 


National Conference

We’ve gathered industry experts to deliver keynotes, share on panels, and facilitate roundtable breakout sessions.  You’ll also broaden your network to include an elite group of people with deep experience and insight.   You will walk away from this two-day experience with insights and techniques to take action immediately and make the most of due diligence and integration. You can find more information by visiting the conference page.

Virtual Sessions

We hold six 90-minute virtual roundtable sessions every year. The first 30 minutes of each roundtable session features a “kick-off speaker” who will introduce the topic and share their experience. The middle 30 minutes of the meeting is a facilitated roundtable conversation, allowing members to take advantage of the collective experience of participants present. The final 30 minutes consists of best practice sharing, where each participant briefly shares any final thoughts on the topic. Meetings are held via teleconference and screen sharing. Notes and slides will be distributed after the meeting, as available


From time to time, the roundtable will host supplemental learning sessions to cover topics of interest to the community. These sessions generally last 60 minutes and follow a more traditional webinar format with an expert speaker and limited time for Q&A.

Regional Roundtables

We currently offer Face-to-Face HR M&A Roundtable Sessions in many cities across the US including, Chicago, Northeast (NY), Dallas, Seattle, and the Bay Area.  We also host six 90-minute virtual roundtable sessions every year. 

HR and Corp Dev professionals who are actively working on M&A transactions or expect to in the next 12 months can contact Brenda Hastings for more information.

I had the opportunity to attend the first M&A conference put on by the Virtual Roundtable team. From the content, format, speakers and overall discussions I would rate my experience as a 10+. Klint and team did an amazing job with the variety of topics and most importantly providing opportunities to engage with other HR M&A practitioners, hear best practices and connect with peers involved in the same work as me. I would highly recommend this conference to other HR practitioners!

Amy Freshman, Senior Director HR

Who We Are


The Advisory Committee is a group of HR M&A practitioners who believe peer-learning provides a power forum for moving our profession forward and are excited to spearhead this first-of-it’s kind conference.

Steven Steckler

Conference Management Team

Brenda Hastings

Conference Management Team

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Conference Management Team

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Steering Committee

Dr. Susan Hanold

Steering Committee

Mark Walztoni

Steering Committee

Since I work in Corporate Development and not HR, I wasn’t sure if the HR M&A Roundtable conference agenda would be applicable to me.  Boy, was I wrong! The conference sessions covered many cross-functional M&A topics and it really helped me to connect the work that we all do to execute due diligence and integration successfully. I am so glad I attended this conference!

Dawn C. White | Manager, M&A Center of Excellence | Corporate Development Corning Incorporated

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